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Frequent Buyer Customer Loyalty Program

Our Frequent Buyer Customer Loyalty Program is our way of extending savings to customers that buy bulk seed. For selected seed products (Frequent Buyer Items), after you purchase nine bags of the same Frequent Buyer Item you will receive the tenth bag free.

The following seed products are Frequent Buyer Items:

Annie's Mix - 15lb bag
Squirrel Mix - 15lb bag

Briones Blend - 20lb bag
Corn on the Cobb - 20lb bag
Dove and Quail -20lb bag
Finch Mix - 20lb bag
Garden Mix - 20lb bag
Just Hearts - 20lb bag
Large Striped Sunflower Seed - 20lb bag
Mt. Diablo Mix - 20lb bag
Nyjer Thistle - 20lb bag
Pure Patio Mix - 20lb bag
Safflower - 20lb bag
Small Black Oil Sunflower Seed - 20lb bag
Songbird Select Mix - 20lb bag

Chips/Fine - 25lb bag
Cracked Corn - 25lb bag
Hulled Millet - 25lb bag
In-shell Peanuts - 25lb bag
Peanut Hearts - 25lb bag
Shelled Peanuts - 25lb bag
White Millet - 25lb bag
Whole Corn - 25lb bag

There are no loyalty cards to keep and remember to present at the time of purchase -- our computer automatically tracks this for each customer. When you come to the register to buy your seed, you will be asked for your last name, sometimes your first and perhaps even your street address (because there are many duplicates). The system will look you up based on this criteria and then attribute your sale toward incrementing your frequent buyer counts. If its your first visit to our store, we will gladly add you to the system.

Check the bottom of your receipt - it should reflect the accumulated counts.

Conversation with a Lion

According to a local biologist thereís a mountain lion in the area where I live. Iíve seen the remains of deer that I suspected were the leftovers of a mountain lion meal, but Iíve never actually seen one.

I was hiking in the hills behind my house recently looking for deer antlers when I had the uneasy feeling I was being watched. Looking around for anything--or anyone--

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