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East Bay Nature carries a broad range of household and garden accessories, including thermometers, garden flags, outdoor decorative items, wall plaques, clocks, coffee mugs, dish towels and figurines from these manufacturers*:

Accurite Achla
Agrizap Alice's Cottage
AMSCAN Ancient Graffiti
Aspects 888-277-3287 Bee Diverse
DZI Echo Valley
Evergreen Fiddler's
Flora & Fauna Florence
Garden Art Giftcraft
Good Directions HAVAHART
JJ POTTS Kalalou
On the Rocks Potting Shed
REGAL Songbird Essentials
SPI Stoneworks
Sunset Vista Toland
Watering Hole Woodstock
YARDBIRDS Z Garden Party

* availability in each store may vary.

Another Conversation...

A few years back I had an interesting discussion with a Western Scrub-Jay. We talked about how smart and intelligent the corvid family was. Well, the jay did mostly. I just listened. The corvid family, which includes jays, both Scrub and Stellerís, crows, ravens and magpies, are known for their smarts. Too smart for their own good sometimes, but you have to admire them for their cleverness.

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East Bay Times Article

Attracting birds and bees to our yards and gardens is simple, if we provide what they like and need.

Joanie Cornell, owner of East Bay Nature in Walnut Creek and Dublin, says there are five essential elements for success ó water, food, cover, nesting and safety.

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