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Welcome to East Bay Nature™

East Bay Nature is retail store that specializes in everything for bird feeding and bird watching.

We carry all the essentials for backyard birding, including premium quality seed and custom seed mixes, feeders, parts and accessories, nest boxes, books, CD's, optics and more! Plus -- practical, friendly advice! We carry the finest optics for birding or other outdoor activities. East Bay Nature is an authorized dealer of Nikon and Opticron Optics. We also carry a variety of educational books and videos on wild birds.

East Bay Nature sponsors seminars and presentations on attracting and enjoying birds, wild bird feeding, and bird house/feeder building. These and many other services are in support of our charter to participate in educating people in the appreciation of our natural environment.

Every Day Savings: Suet Cakes - purchase any five suet cakes and the sixth   one (lowest price) is free. Your tenth: 20lb or 25lb bag of the same type of
     seed is free. Our computer automatically tracks your purchases.

    Our bird walks are scheduled for the first Saturday of each     month (except February). We meet at the Walnut Creek store at 7:45 AM and generally return about 10:00 AM depending on the location. A local naturalist guides the group to birding hot spots in our area.

Our store donates one percent (1%) of each purchase to the non-profit of your choice; or, if you choose you can accumulate that 1% and spend it in the store on future purchases.

Every Tuesday is Senior Citizens Day at East Bay Nature. On this day, our seniors (55 or older) receive 10% off on all purchases (except optics).

We are locally-owned and operated with two stores located in the East Bay: the original Walnut Creek store and, just opened in 2014, our Dublin store. You can use your East Bay Nature gift cards and redeem frequent buyer purchases at either store.

Conversation with a Lion

According to a local biologist thereís a mountain lion in the area where I live. Iíve seen the remains of deer that I suspected were the leftovers of a mountain lion meal, but Iíve never actually seen one.

I was hiking in the hills behind my house recently looking for deer antlers when I had the uneasy feeling I was being watched. Looking around for anything--or anyone--

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