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Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds are also attracted to specialized feeders. It is very important to keep your feeder clean and use a simple sugar syrup free of honey, food coloring, or other impurities. Having a feeder does not draw the hummingbird from its natural foods, but rather gives the bird a quick burst of energy. Keep in mind, too, that larger creatures like bears and raccoons are also attracted to the sugar syrup. Cats and other hummingbird predators may also stalk your feeder.

Aspects Humm Zinger Humm Blossom
Aspects Hummzinger Humm Blossom #433
Perky-PetŪ 8oz Hummingbird Feeder
Pinch-Waist Glass Hummingbird 8oz #pp203cp
Classic Ruby Hummingbird Feeder
Classic Brands 10oz Hummingbird Feeder Classic Ruby #classic35
Birds Choice 8oz Hummerfest
Birds Choice 8oz Hummerfest
Classic Garnet Hummingbird
Classic Brands 20oz Hummingbird Feeder Classic Garnet
Humm Zinger 8oz HighView Mini
Aspects Humm ZingerŪ 8oz HighView Mini #430
Classic Brands Diamond Hummingbird
Classic Brands 30 oz. Diamond Hummingbird Feeder
Droll Yankees Hummingbird Feeder
Classic Hummingbird Feeder 16oz Capacity #dyc6hb
Perky-PetŪ 16oz Glass Hummingbird
Perky-PetŪ Top Fill 16oz Capacity Glass Hummingbird Feeder #pp131tf
Humm Zinger HighView
Aspects Humm Zinger HighView Hummingbird Feeder #429
Perky-PetŪ 40oz Hummingbird Feeder
Perky Pet Big Gulp 40oz Capacity Hummingbird Feeder
Perky-PetŪ 24oz Glass Hummingbird Feeder
Clear Antique Bottle Glass Hummingbird Feeder 24oz Capacit #pp8118
Perky-PetŪ 10oz Glass Hummingbird Feeder
Antique Bottle Glass Hummingbird Feeder - 10 oz Nectar Capacity
Aspects Humm Zinger Excel
Humm Zinger Excel Hummingbird Feeder #143
Perky Pet Elegan Copper Hummingbird Feeder
Elegant Copper Glass Hummingbird 12 oz #pp910b
Schrodt Ruby Hummingbird Lantern
Ruby Hummingbird Lantern #se4050

Hummingbirds re amazingly adapted pollinators, and they play an important role in pollination. They have long, slender bills and tube-like tongues that they use to drink nectar from brightly-colored flowers; this gives them the energy they need to fuel their high metabolism.

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Attracting birds and bees to our yards and gardens is simple, if we provide what they like and need.

Joanie Smith, owner of East Bay Nature in Walnut Creek, says there are five essential elements for success — water, food, cover, nesting and safety.

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