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Nyjer Thistle Feeders

Thistle or nyjer is offered specifically for birds like goldfinches, pine siskins and redpolls. Make sure the seed is fresh and doesn't get wet and moldy or the birds will not eat it. Sometimes these finches will sit for hours gorging themselves on this seed.

Nyjer thistle feeders are specifically designed for thistle seed, which is favored by American Goldfinches and Pine Siskens. Hang the thistle feeder from a pole at least 5 feet off the ground near other feeders. Squirrel baffles will help deter squirrels.

Woodlink Metal Mini Magnum Nyje Feeder
Metal Mini Magnum Nyjer Feeder #MINIMAG2
Woodlink Coppertop Nyjer Tube Feeder
Coppertop Nyjer Mini Tube Feeder #COPTMINIi
Woodlink Plastic Magnum Nyjer Feeder
Plastic Magnum Nyjer Feeder #MAG2
Birds Choice Magnet Mesh Nyjer Feeder
Magnet Mesh Nyjer Feeder
Birds Choice Magnet Mesh Nyjer Feeder
Magnet Mesh Nyjer Feeder
Aspects 8-port Nyjer Tube Feeder
Spruce Nyjer Tube Feeder #427
WoodLink Steel Magnum Thistle Feeder
Steel Magnum Nyjer Feeder #STMAG4GRT
Aspects Mesh Quick Clean Nyjer Feeder
Spruce Nyjer Mesh Feeder #439

Birds attacted to nyjer thistle: American Goldfinch, California Quail, California Towhee, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, House Finch, Lesser Goldfinch, Mourning Dove, Oregon Junco, Pine Siskin

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