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Adult Jam

These unique jams and marmalades are made with organic fruit, organic cane sugar, spices, and, in some cases, liqueur (hence the name Adult Jam).

Elizabeth Eisler has been a confiturier for a long time, having learned from her mom and grandmother. Born in Oakland, her family is part of five generations residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"I am dedicated to sourcing local seasonal organic fruits, heirloom produce, as well as, liqueurs, teas and other ingredients. These interesting elements are used to make small batches of handmade preserves in traditional French copper pans. I have been in love with the process of preserving since I was a young child, making Apple Butter and other preserves with my mom & grandmother."

Apple Butter
Adult Jam - Apple Butter
Apricot Vanilla Bean
Adult Jam - Apricot Vanilla Bean
Blood Orange Marmalade
Adult Jam - Blood Orange Marmalade
Fig, Orange & Cognac Jam
Adult Jam - Fig, Orange & Cognac Jam
Mulberry Grand Marnier
Adult Jam - Mulberry Grand Marnier
Plum Black Currant Tea
Adult Jam - Plum Black Currant Tea Jam
Wild Blackberry Grand Marnier
Adult Jam - Wild Blackberry Grand Marnier
Kiwi Lime
Adult Jam - Kiwi Lime
Pear Elderberry
Adult Jam - Pear Elderberry

Elizabeth uses less sugar and more fruit than most commercial jams. Adult Jam was founded in 2013. Refrigerate after opening.

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