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East Bay Nature gives back one percent of all sales. We refer to this as "Quail Bucks". When you register as our customer you decide how your Quail Bucks will be used. The Quail Bucks options are:
  • Accumulate and spend in the store. If you have selected this option, you can see the amount of Quail Bucks that you've accumulated near the bottom of your receipt; the category is "Quail Bucks".

  • Donate to Lindsay Wildlife Museum. If you elect to have your Quali Bucks donated to the Lindsay Museum we'll donate the amount that was accumulated on your behalf to the museum; we do this every month.

    Lindsay Wildlife Museum is a unique natural history and environmental education center where live, wild animals are just inches away. Visitors can listen to the cry of a red tailed hawk, go eye-to-eye with a gray fox and watch a bald eagle eat lunch. More than 50 species of live, non-releasable, native California animals are on exhibit.

    Tens of thousands of children learn about the environment in their classrooms through our traveling education programs and at the museum through on-site tours. Nature and science-oriented classes and trips are offered for adults and children. More than 600 volunteers help feed and care for wild animals, teach children and adults about nature, and support the museum's mission in many other ways.

  • Donate to Corvid Connection. This is another wildlife rehabilitation organization that specializes in treating corvids (Jays, crows and magpies fit in this category). As is the case with Lindsay Museum, the Quail Bucks that are accumulated on your behalf are donated to Corvid Connection every month.

    Elaine Friedman is the founder of Corvid Connections, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing educational programs using permanently injured wild birds. She has been working with and rehabilitating corvids for 20 years and has published rehabilitation papers on the subject through NWRA and IWRC.

You can change your "Quail Bucks" election at any time; just let us know next time you visit one of our stores.

Conversation with a Lion

According to a local biologist thereís a mountain lion in the area where I live. Iíve seen the remains of deer that I suspected were the leftovers of a mountain lion meal, but Iíve never actually seen one.

I was hiking in the hills behind my house recently looking for deer antlers when I had the uneasy feeling I was being watched. Looking around for anything--or anyone--

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